Combine ChatSpark's AI capabilities with Freshchat's robust live chat platform, offering streamlined communication, enhanced engagement, and an enriched overall customer interaction.


    Seamless AI-to-Human Chat

    Make every customer interaction smooth and connected with our FreshChat integration. It lets you keep conversations going without interruption, no matter where they happen – on any platform. Plus, our smart conversation summarizer gives agents a quick recap of what's been discussed before they jump in. This means they can offer help that's tailored and informed, right from the start. Switch easily between our AI chat and real people, all in the same chat window, for a customer service experience that's always on point and consistent.

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    24/7 Engagement and Support

    Utilize ChatSpark's AI within Freshchat to provide round-the-clock engagement, ensuring consistent, natural interactions at any time.

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    Intelligent Automated Responses

    Deploy intelligent, automated chat capabilities, offering immediate and accurate answers to customer queries, elevating the efficiency of customer support.

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