Cut Costs with AI-Powered Customer Service

Your data, our AI Chatbots. Tailored customer service & engagement that never sleeps.


Automate and Resolve 80% of Customer Questions with AI

Let‘s supercharge your engagement and save on those customer service staffing costs. Elevate your customer experience with ChatSpark today!

Customer Service

No staff required — train your AI Chatbot on your FAQs, and let it work around the clock.

Sales Team

The perfect sales assistant — train your AI Chatbot on your product information and let it prime the leads for you.

Appointment & Scheduling

Ease the booking process — train your AI Chatbot on your scheduling information, connect Square Booking or Calendly, cut the extra work and amp up the smoothness.

Docs & Knowledge Bases

Ditch the search, chat instead — train your AI Chatbot on your documentation or KB content, delivering instant, accurate replies and boost user satisfaction.

ChatSpark Omnichannel AI Chatbots


All Your Channels Covered

Website? Check! Social media? Absolutely! Even messaging apps like WhatsApp and Slack? You bet! Say goodbye to the 9-5 constraints and hello to 24/7 efficient customer support.


    Nuture & Capture Leads 24/7

    Transform your sales approach with AI. ChatSpark's smart chatbots, trained on your product information, are primed to nurture leads and close deals, making your sales strategy smarter and more effective.

      ChatSpark Automated Lead Capture
      ChatSpark Booking Integrations


      Automated Booking

      Our AI chatbots integrate with your scheduling tools, turning the appointment process into a breeze. Enjoy streamlined, stress-free scheduling.


        Trained On Your Data

        ChatSpark's AI chatbots are trained on your diverse data sources, providing quick, accurate answers right when your customers need them.

          ChatSpark Training Sources


          Benefits for all types of businesses

          Transform your customer service and interactions with ChatSpark AI chatbots in any industry.

          ChatSpark Data Insights


          Data-Driven Customer Insights

          ChatSpark's AI chatbots don’t just answer queries; they analyze them, offering valuable data that helps you understand your customers better.


            Global Customer Base, Effortlessly Connected

            Breaking language barriers, ChatSpark's AI chatbots communicate effortlessly with a global audience. Whether it’s responding in multiple languages or understanding cultural nuances, our chatbots make every customer feel understood.

              ChatSpark Global Language Support


              Features tailored to solve your customer service & engagement challenges.

              ChatSpark AI Chatbots — always available, accurate, cost-effective, insightful, scalable, and personalized.

              24/7 Availability & Instant Responses

              ChatSpark AI Chatbots operate round-the-clock, ensuring instant replies anytime — no vacations.

              Personalized Customer Experiences

              ChatSpark seamlessly understands complex queries, seeks clarity when needed, chats naturally, and leverages user history for personalized responses, enhancing loyalty and driving conversions.

              Consistency and Accuracy

              Trained on your website, documents, and data, ChatSpark AI Chatbots offer reliable and consistent details to customers.

              Cost Efficiency

              Save significantly by reducing expenses linked to traditional customer service teams.

              Data-Driven Insights

              ChatSpark AI Chatbots gather crucial data, helping refine strategies and improve user experiences.

              Scalability and Volume Handling

              Handle surges in customer inquiries effortlessly, even during peak times, with ChatSpark AI Chatbots.

              Seamless Chat Integrations

              Transition effortlessly from AI to live human assistance using platforms like Freshchat, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and Slack — users continue conversations in the same window.

              Effortless Booking Solutions

              Guide users to schedule appointments directly through Square Booking or Calendly for a smooth booking experience. Alternatively, guide users with a canned message with your contact info or booking page.

              Omnipresent on Platforms

              ChatSpark AI Chatbots can be integrated into social media platforms, ensuring consistent and prompt responses to user queries across various channels.

              Automate and Resolve 80% of Customer Questions with AI

              Reduce customer service costs and avoid query overload.


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